Challenge: Taking a day off from suffering on 16 June

On Youth Day, 16 June I will have an opportunity to talk to an audience of young people about the spirit of Youth Day. It will be a great opportunity for me to share with them my views on June 16, how I feel about it? what I think about it? and how I think June 16 as we know it can improve our lives going forward.

I’m an international accredited wellness coach, in my coaching career I work a lot also with young professionals (black and white), by the way I’m brown. My 4-year-old daughter the other day corrected me when I said I’m black. She said I don’t know colours, I’m brown, when I asked her more questions I find out that all people are brown, just that other people are too much brown and other people are little bit brown, so since then I’m brown, and i love being brown it has a nice energy to it. I was just a little worried because I never noticed this and I have been buying makeup for some time now, and all makeup is brown with different shades. How is it that I didn’t notice that?

I work with young professional (mostly less than 35 years), they are all shades of brown. One problematic area that comes up a lot is about “not being good enough”. They are a lot of factors to this but one is that “I’m not white”, or “I’m not black”, amazing I know. The blacks want to be white the white wants to be black and when I tell them I’m brown they look at me funny, but I get that a lot.

So the story of black and white is a big problem, they on twitter about it, they on Facebook about it, they insulting each other. It gets worse when they get to work, it’s still there, “this is happening to me because I’m white”, “this is happening to me because I’m black”, no one thinks they good enough.

The problem that I actually always detect is that no one wants to live in the now. We all know the history of south Africa, apartheid happened, June 16 happened, no one is saying anyone should forget or ignore, or not take responsibility.

But what is the point of existing in 2016 and still be living in 1976, some of us were not even born then. But we are daily living in that suffering of 1976, why? why? why?

The truth is, people that looked like us were screwed then, badly screwed, seriously screwed. The other truth is that people who looked like us screwed people.

The result is that the ones that were screwed are still seeing the effects, they feel disadvantaged, screwed, disabled, fearful, angry and hopeless as hell. The ones who were screwing they experiencing the effects, they are guilty, ashamed, fearful, sad, sometimes angry as hell. The problem is most of the people who are feeling this on both sides were not even there then, as I said I was not born yet. On both sides we all heard a story and it just depends who is telling it.

In 1976, they were brave people who took it upon themselves to do something about what was happening. They were so passionate; death was something they didn’t fear. They wanted to sort out this situation which was really problematic. They did well, we are all forever grateful for what they, all shades of us and that is the truth. I believe they did what they did out of love, they wanted us to be free of this problem. I know that they will really be happy if we can enjoy what they did for us and not live in 1976.

Hence I believe that best way to remember them and honour them this Youth Day will be for us, just for one day to leave the struggle and suffering of living in 1976 on 2016 and actually live one day in 2016. Doing that to say thank you in their remembrance. On the 17 June 2016 we can go back and let the struggle and suffering continue since we are so used to it. God bless all the coaches who have to continually bring people back from that place, you doing a great job.

So if you would like to take this challenge, here is how it is to live in 2016,

  1. We acknowledge that we were screwed, us or our family members or that people who looked like us were screwed.
  2. We acknowledge that, we or our family members or people who looked like us screwed other people.
  3. We understand that all this happened in the past, with our contribution or not.
  4. We appreciate that we are no longer in the 1976 problem, we don’t have to fear for ourselves, all of us.
  5. Be willing to start feeling gratefulness around this issue, which will help us feel better about ourselves, “good enough”
  6. To Remember that People have already suffered for us, for this, we do not have to go back and do it again over and over and over again. There is currently pressing issues, we can use the energy to look for solutions for those.
  7. Make a decision to learn what we need to learn to change our current lives, to honour the people who gave their lives. Our lives are in our hands and we are in 2016. #SufferingMustFall
  8. (This one is optional, do it if you can). Think about the fact that it’s not me, it’s not you, its people who looked like us. #ThruthBeTold, non-attachment to drama


This is all I’m asking, if a whole day is too long, even 10 min will do a lot of good for our consciousness. We are doing this for the greater good. We are all responsible and capable. We can let it go just for a day and see how we feel. It’s not forever just one day. #YouthChallenge

If you going to taking on this challenge let me know,

I Love You






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