Relationship with Money

Money is energy and we are energy. Money interact with us in an energy level, if we on the same vibrational level with the money we need, the money will automatically be attracted to us.

Money will find its way to us, so we should never worry about ‘how’ it will come. When we don’t have a good relationship with money, we struggle with not worrying about the “how”. For example, if you have a good relationship with your relatives and you have a party, you invite them, you never worry about them not showing up, but if there is tension you will definitely worry about them attending the parting.
If we have a good relationship with money, money will make its way to us by means of great ideas and amazing opportunities. The important part of this relationship is our receiving. We have to be open to receive. We have to know we have the right to receive. We are good enough to receive. Mostly this is where the problem lies, we sometimes think we need to do certain things to qualify or to be something else, for example with think we do not have enough education or we have too much education, the color of our skin might be too dark or too light. We do not have enough skills, or we do not know enough about something.

When we in a relationship with another person but we are not open to receive, maybe love from them, they can’t really force us, deal breaker right there. We have to believe we are worthy of having money. How worthy we are of money we were taught, so we need to unlearn, and relearn that we are worthy for the simple reason that we are here breathing, as much as we do not have any problems breathing, we don’t count how much air we deserve, we need to learn the same about money, its the same thing.
How I started teaching about money was because lot of people I know wanted me to share with them about my business success, they wanted to know how I made it. Mostly when I shared that it wasn’t really about the business it was about the relationship I had developed with Money, they couldn’t understand. If they did understand, it just didn’t work for them because, it’s a process that needs to be practiced, it not a one-day job.

Now I coach my clients to have and keep money, I have workshops where I teach this called Money Breakfast, and most of all I have a Facebook group, where we have daily exercises, where we practice this better relationship with money, that is where all the existing things happen. #MoneyBreakfast
How would you know your relationship with money needs fixing?
You will know with the feeling you have when you think about money,

  • If you feel you don’t have enough money
  • If you feel you don’t want to think about money
  • If you feel pain that you don’t know how to get the money you want
  • If you feel the money you want is just way too much, you would rather just have what you can

A better, happier relationship with money changed my life. I do what I love, and I get paid by doing what I love, a dream come true. I know and believe we can all have this, if we will fix and nature the relationships we have with money.
I’m Busi Selesho CEO of Isipho Sempilo and an International accredited life coach, coaching wellness-living the best life in bliss. I teach my clients how to have a better relationship with money.

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